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Hernandez Tunnel panel 3
Hernandez Tunnel location
Hernandez Tunnel sketch

Judge Alfred J. Hernandez Tunnel (Completion Date: October 2021)

GNMD Partners: Artist Gelson Lemus (w3r3on3), Avenue CDC Go Culture Committee, City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department, Family of Judge Alfred Hernandez, Houston Arts Alliance, Houston Super Neighborhood #51

In 2015, Greater Northside Management District — with guidance from the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department and Houston Arts Alliance — hosted meetings in partnership with stakeholders, community residents and the Hernandez family to obtain input on a fitting tribute to Judge Alfred Hernandez. Meetings led to the art design concepts for the tunnel, including murals, lighting and other projects.

The tunnel, previously known as the North Main Subway, was reconstructed in 1923 by the City of Houston Southern Pacific Lines near the existing Hardy Yards and serves as a connection from the Greater Northside to downtown Houston. Improvements were made in 2016 to the tunnel’s north end, including shortening the tunnel and its connection to Burnett Street.

In 2019, improvements to the south end of the tunnel included repairing the tunnel’s walls, ceilings, retaining walls, railing, lighting and traffic signage. The project was completed by the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department, RPS Klotz Engineering and NBG Constructors using funding from the General Land Office.

GNMD and TIRZ 21 has approved funding to paint a mural by Houston artist Gelson Lemus (known as “w3r3on3”) and UP Art Studio to honor the history of Judge Hernandez. The mural will include symbolic symbols of the Northside.