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Welcome to the Greater Northside Management District website. We hope you will find the information on this site helpful. We are here to serve our constituents and to help make the Greater Northside a positive place to live, work and play.

Take a look at some of these Management District quick facts:

24 +

square miles, including
numerous historic

Home of the Red Line

North Corridor Light Rail Transit provides service from Northline Transit Center/Houston Community College to Burnett Station

10,000 +

businesses, including 4+ breweries

139,410 +

residents/business owners reside in the District

5,000 +

commercial, retail and industrial properties

150 +

Greater Northside restaurants

Our goal at GNMD is to strive to contribute positively to our communities and our environment. As we continue to work in the Greater Northside, please know we want to hear from you, your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcomed.

Greater Northside Management District

Upcoming Events

Our goal at GNMD is to contribute positively to our community and environment.

Please know that we want to hear from you. Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Greater Northside Management District