Ten-Year Service And Improvement Plan (2011 – 2020)

The Service and Improvement Plan (the “Service Plan”) was developed by the Board of Directors of the District, who represent a variety of property owners and businesses in the District. 

Under this Service Plan, the District will levy an assessment on non-exempt property (commercial property) to implement this Service Plan.

The major components of the Service Plan are:

  1. Security & Public Safety;
  2. Visual & Area Image;
  3. Marketing & Enhancing the Perception of the Area;
  4. Planning & Infrastructure; and
  5. District Operation & Administration.

Calculating the Assessment

  • $0.10 for every $100 valuation.
  • Statements are sent by Utility Tax Services, LLC (based on Harris County Appraisal District Rolls).
  • Values are based on current-year Assessments.
  • The assessment is only on commercial property.

Download the Service Plan Here.

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