Quitman Corridor Pedestrian-Transit Improvements Project (Proposed Completion Date: Spring/Summer 2022)
GNMD Partners: Houston-Galveston Area Council, TBG, The Goodman Corporation

The Quitman Pedestrian-Transit Improvements Project is GNMD’s first capital infrastructure project. It includes improvements to the pedestrian realm, such as ADA accessible sidewalks and ramps, landscaping and streetlights. The streetscape improvements along Quitman Street will enhance the sense of place and preserve the cultural fabric by augmenting the overall quality of the area. The project extends along 0.72 miles of Quitman Street from South Street to Gano Street and is currently under preliminary design.

GNMD received the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) 2015 Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) Call for Project Funding for the Quitman Pedestrian Enhancements Project. The Quitman Corridor history that assisted in the the H-GAC TIP Call for Projects includes the following studies:

  • The Northside Livable Center Study identified the Quitman and Fulton Street area as the “heart” of Northside. The study recommended pedestrian and streetscape improvements along main north/south and east/west streets and streets within close proximity of new transit stations.
  • The City of Houston Heights-Northside Sub-Regional Mobility Study recommended that Quitman Street be reclassified as a Major Collector and the multimodal classification identified it as an Urban Street due to the area context and projected volumes of the corridor.
  • The Greater Northside Management District Pedestrian/Transit Access Master Plan scored Quitman Street with a Pedestrian Level of Service (PLOS) letter grade of D from North Main to Hardy Street. The recommendation was given to improve pedestrian infrastructure on corridors that have failing infrastructure by installing pedestrian-oriented lighting, ADA ramps and crosswalks where needed.