Please Support These Greater Northside Businesses!

The North Line light rail expansion has seriously impacted many businesses in the Greater Northside area, including those listed below. 

Please support these businesses whenever you can!

Automotive / Stereos / Tires

Pedro’s Tire, 1802 N Main St

AJ’s Grease Rack, 7302 Fulton St

Alignments & More, 5400 Fulton St

Arturos Tire Shop, 2523 N Main St

Chucho Transmission Service, 810 Boundary St

Ellias Auto Repair, 5701 Fulton St

Falcon Repair, 4930 Fulton St

Galindo Shamrock Auto Care, 2303 N Main St

Latino Tire, 4003 Fulton St

Mambo Mix, 4109 Fulton St

Mark’s Chevron, 2102 Main St

MT Auto, 5019 Fulton St

Perez Tire Shop, 3813 Fulton St

Raul’s A/C Repair, 5316 Fulton St

Salinas Garage, 902 Boundary St

Street Beat, 7127 Fulton St

To Fast To Furious, 4109 Fulton St

Clothing / Cleaners / Washaterias

Bells My Own Cleaners, 2908 Fulton St

Diva’s Fashions, 2420 Fulton St

E&E Creations, 4109 Fulton St

Fulton Washateria, 2422 Fulton St

Johns Formal Wear, 1919 N Main St

Label Wearhouse, 2023 N Main St

Mi Washateria, 7206 Fulton St

Monica’s Washateria, 7800 Fulton St

Roland’s Cleaners, 5402 Fulton St

T & L Shirts, 5127 Fulton St

Beauty Salons / Barber Shops / Nail Salons

Artistic Hair, 3907 Fulton St

Eclipse Hair, 4902 Fulton St

Jimmy’s Haircuts, 708 Gale

MaIsabel Beauty Salon, 90003 Boundary St

Northline Beauty Salon, 7700-D Fulton St

Roxanne Salon, 106 D Van Molin

Solutions Beauty & Barber Shop, 2124-C N Main St

Wicho Barber Shop, 2121-C N Main St

Food Stores / Restaurants

Caminos de Guanajuato, 2124-A N Main St

Casa Garay Mexican Restaurant, 5902 Fulton St

Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade

Donut Delight, 2121 N Main St

Falcon Groceries, 2601 N Main St

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 2954 Fulton St

Pizza Patron, 2445 Fulton St

Poppa Burger, 1622 N Main St

Quick Food Store, 237 Cavalcade

Super Sun Sun Sal Vadoreno, 7812 Fulton St


Ramon’s Television Service, 5426 Fulton St

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